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Sadi Paul Brancart ® is a brand for the design and creation of clothing and fashion. We pride ourselves on being the creators of bold concepts for contemporary masculine fashion and aesthetics.

So easy !

Place your home order through our online clothing store Sadi Paul Brancart ® on this platform: we receive all cards and payment methods in secure conditions.

We have exclusive quality and style shirts, tees, pants, underwear and swimsuits for retail and wholesale.

We differentiate ourselves by our innovative ideas, the quality of our pieces in the US market. If you are in the United States, feel free to place your order now!

Fashion is a fundamental part of who we each are.

The Sadi Paul Brancart brand designs and produces its creations giving the greatest attention to the quality of the fabrics, the clothing is made respecting the environment and decent working conditions

Our garments are 100% reflecting the culture, fauna, flora and the people the USA and the Caribbean islands, in a variety of styles and expressions that result from a very successful fusion between the traditional Caribbean and the contributions of the international. Caribbean shirts for example are extraordinary and form a perfect combination with our current pants or shorts. You can even bring the Caribbean touch to your office!

We recognize the importance of fashion and we take it as a way of expressing what we feel, how we live and, in short, who we are.

It is not for nothing that the Sadi Paul Brancart ® brand has the hummingbird as its logo, the symbol of intact but fragile nature.

If you like big cities such as NYC or Miami, take a look at our CASUAL URBAN line of our present online store.

On the contrary, if the ethnic revisited and futuristic catches your attention, take a tour of our WILD TRIBAL style line.

Through our online clothing store we provide the design and versatility, elegance and sobriety that the color black carries, among others in our line of alternative clothing GOTH NIGHT.

If you want to venture into the world of seduction, you cannot miss our HOT COUTURE clothing line for men, be it that it has been created especially for the LGBT community and more specifically gay men.

A silent revolution is unfolding: that of the role that men now play in society and in the world of fashion, as well as in the world of seduction.

It has taken a complete turn, to project the image of a man who is no longer afraid of something that he did not possess or claim until now: intentional physical Eros. And mixing the physical seduction that the Latin man has with the colors of the tropics and those of the Caribbean Sea, as well as with our avant-garde designs, we offer you timeless collections.



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This is a country that stimulates creativity and imagination with its beauty and diversity. We at the men fashion brand Sadi Paul Brancart ®, where we design and create men apparel, men clothing of the best quality especially for the US gay community in particular, we make use of our wondrous environment to offer you the best creative products.
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There are endless positions in favor of or against tattoos. On one side, people consider them as symbols of violence, vandalism, and even mutilation. On the other hand, the followers and lovers of tattoos see them as art. For the latter, the skin is a canvas and through tattoos they can communicate, express, and retain unforgettable moments.
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The black color has always set a trend; it's a basic color that is a must have inside everyone's closet.
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Your appearance often determines how others treat you, and as the saying goes, there are no second chances at first impressions. Under the concept of nonverbal communication, fashion plays a key role
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The Colombian market does not only refer to tradition anymore. Now, it also talks about avant-garde and futuristic styles too: that is exactly where the Sadi Paul Brancart ® brand enters the arena.