Fashion vs. Fashion

Fashion vs. Fashion

Nowadays, fashion is very important. It doesn't just reflect a social bylaw anymore—it takes a stand, say Sadi Paul Brancart, a men clothes brand.

Initially, fashion was a major attraction for the sectors of society that had great purchasing power as it would allow them to flaunt their high social status.

For decades, big fashion houses projected their beauty standards in the fashion's world.

They imposed their tastes on society.

Today, the fashion industry is transforming itself. New sectors of society are emerging with unknown and innovative ideas.

Additionally, fashion is a social identifier, and everyone has their own personality that makes them stand out. After all, we are social beings. Among these groups, the youth stand out the most. Fueled by social networks and influential singers, actors, designers, etc., their fashion frenzy is changing the industry and creating a generation of savvy consumers. Their obsession for brands has increased so much that fashion has become an intrinsic part of a lot of young people's lives, an attempt to be part of a defined group, dress like their idols, or express rebellion.

These teenagers pressure their parents until they get enough money to buy whatever catches their fancy. If they can't get the money from their parents, they often become clever entrepreneurs who are capable of buying and selling afterword’s a very large amount of clothing at very high prices.

Teenagers look forward to making a difference by wearing something cool or original.

They become self-confident, and they aim to be acknowledged by their parents or belong to a group. All of this thanks to a recognized logo on their clothing. It's true that fashion has a big influence on society, and this influence has evolved over time thanks to the trends that define the customs of each fashion creation. The strict sense of what the word fashion means also has transformed over the years. It used to reflect the art of dressing, immersed in a world of glamour and elegance, which always highlighted the feminine and masculine silhouettes of the highest standards of society.

The luxury sector and the garment sector that used to believe that they didn't owe anything to anyone except themselves, now pay more attention to what is being said on the street and what the youth are proposing as outfits. The balance of power has changed. However, for Sadi Paul Brancart, a young fashion brand, young people are no longer victims of fashion houses.