The Irresistible Sensuality of Black

The Irresistible Sensuality of Black

Black, as powerful as elegant and sober. Thinks Sadi Paul Brancart, a brand of young fashion.

Times passes by, fashion changes, but black remains. Why is this? Simple. Here I will mention some reasons why the color black hasn't and will never go out of fashion.

Elegant: Since black is sober and dark, it is perfect for night gatherings or any other occasion, really. A black dress never goes unnoticed; on the contrary, it makes the person wearing it stand out. Let's remind ourselves—everything related to luxury always comes with black.

Easy to combine: Black is neutral, it combines perfectly with any skin color, clothes, and patterns, without losing its glamour and elegance.

Improves the silhouette: Black can make anyone appear slender. People with big curves look slimmer and more sophisticated in black. Sensuality: A lot of people see black as an elegant and sensual color.

According to a poll, 66% of consumers agreed black is an excellent choice for a first date. It transmits security: Black is a color that evokes intelligence and perseverance to take on new challenges.

Black was once seen as a representation of grief. As time passed and cultures changed, people added new meanings such as sadness and malignance. Today, black portrays elegance and sobriety.

In conclusion, black has always set a trend; it's a basic color that is a must have inside everyone's closet. Black clothing can get you out of a fashion emergency for a formal event or an impromptu night out.

At the male design brand Sadi Paul Brancart, we contribute to design and share the versatility, elegance, and sobriety that black brings to the table. This men’s store offers a wide array of black clothing, among others in its Dark sections.