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According to the brand Sadi Paul Brancart of male design and young style in Colombia and the USA, a leader in fashion is one of the most revealing indicators of a culture's trends and values.
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Black, as powerful as elegant and sober. Thinks Sadi Paul Brancart, a brand of young fashion. Times passes by, fashion changes, but black remains. Why is this? Simple. Here I will mention some reasons why the color black hasn't and will never go out of fashion.
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Regarding the evolution of the Colombia throughout its existence, it's important to highlight that, in a country known for its diversity in music, gastronomy, traditions, languages, landscapes, etc., fashion also holds value. Colombia is a multifaceted country, rich in culture, geography, and ethnics; it's a leading nation in biodiversity and music production. Why? Thanks to state policies to develop important sectors such as the fashion
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Nowadays, fashion is very important. It doesn't just reflect a social bylaw anymore—it takes a stand, say Sadi Paul Brancart, a men clothes brand.