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In the course of my life I was lucky enough to live in many countries and in fact I went around the world. I saw the most spectacular cities, the most vibrant metropolises, and look where did I choose to settle? In Bogota! It is that the said city must have a hidden secret. Could it be that #ColombiansDoitBetter? This tour gave me a cosmopolitan vision of the world that is reflected in my work team made up of experts from very diverse horizons.

I am currently a happy adopted son of this wonderful country, a place where I have lived for years and where I reach many people with my passion for aesthetics, design, music and fashion. I did not identify with existing men's clothing brands, local or not, so I created my own under the premise of giving men, wherever they are, what they need to make them look extraordinary. So the man I see, just like me, emerges romantic, funny, and mysterious.