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I am convinced that fashion must protect our nature, that fashion must protect our future. This is more evident even when fauna and flora are one of my main sources of inspiration.

The time has come to review priorities and focus on the future of the planet and the role that fashion can play in that future. Consuming "eco-friendly" has become a responsible act and buyers do not want to cause irreversible damage to nature.

The “mass market” offers very cheap garments that can only generate ethical doubts. How do they manage to produce at such low prices? It is important to produce in the best conditions, not only environmental and ecological, but also labor. Fashion is a powerful factor of representation that wants to reflect modernity and is making inroads in the durable and the ethical, with a concern for sustainability and respect for human rights.

The green wave has turned into a green tsunami. The fashion sector has understood the message of the street that “the time is in full change andthat fashion must be questioned, just like other productive sectors”, is the conviction of the Sadi Paul Brancart ® brand.


Time has come to review the priorities and to focus on the future of our planet. Consumption has turned into an act of responsibility and buyers do not accept any longer to cause irreversible damages to nature.
Why didn’t the fashion industry preoccupy itself earlier about this issue ? Probably because designers do not want their creations to be confused with excessively basic clothes. This given the fact that fashion is more than ever a powerful vector of representation that must project modernity and is taking seriously durability and ethics, a preoccupation for environment and human rights. This is the case of the brand Sadi Paul Brancart, an advocate of these causes: not for no reason that it shows a humming bird as a logo. 
Know how, product quality and materials have turned into communication tools of the fashion industry and must represent values that have taken their distance from “fast fashion”.


The new man is a man who admits that he is physically attractive, handsome, beautiful, who is happy, sensual, grateful, who knows what he wants and who is capable of enjoying every day in an intense way. He is confident, sensitive, idealistic, adventurous, fun loving, sometimes a "bad boy". And he is the "new man" of the Sadi Paul Brancart ® brand. Every day we see how technological, political and scientific advances always imply redefining basic concepts in fields such as the social and cultural. Regarding gender, we can consider that a new definition of gender brings with it a man with explicit emotions, more visible affections that emerge from the performance of his new social role that encourage him to express his feelings out of conviction.

The man in the course of history, did not have the right to project his body, both in the workplace and social. The man could only be appreciated by his intellect and his power. We have to go back to ancient Greece to find civilizations that did give great importance to male aesthetics, even above female aesthetics, and this did not prevent these civilizations from being the most refined and most evolved in the many fields, such as art, philosophy, the beginnings of democracy and others. It is proof that valuing male beauty is and must be politically correct, particularly in a context of gender equality, in other words, the homosapiens have become homoerotics. 

Sadi Paul Brancart ® is a brand specially designed for the Gay community. However, it is an inclusive brand that also addresses all those on the LGBTQ rainbow spectrum and beyond to stretch to those who are not necessarily LGBTQ, but who share the values ​​of this community. Yes, we are a heterofriendly brand!