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I Sadi Paul Brancart, I am the founder of the eponymous brand of design and creation of clothing for men. Below I would like to tell you a little more about myself and the Sadi Paul Brancart ® brand.


From the beginning, Colombia amazed me with the exuberance and diversity of its nature. Did you know that Colombia is the second country in the world with the most biodiversity? I was surprised to discover snow-covered volcanoes in tropical latitudes. The country is crossed by mountain ranges where you can admire, among other moors, endemic natural areas.

Its islands and Caribbean coast are of white sand and turquoise sea. The location of Colombia is a kind of climatic blessings, which allow to know all the seasons, from summer to winter, and from autumn to spring in a single land. On all sides there are deep valleys that transformed the country into a cultural mosaic, wherever you can go you discover culinary customs, music, different clothing and an extraordinary racial wealth that coexist in harmony and even complement each other wonderfully. Our logo, the hummingbird, symbolizes the vindication of our origins, since it is also the animal symbol of Colombia. The hummingbird is also the symbol of our leafy but fragile nature that struggles to stay intact. It is also the reflection of this Colombia "Land of Magical Surrealism". The country is not the kingdom of Artistic Surrealism but rather of Surrealism of the mind, a way of thinking and conceiving life in a way where reason does not dominate the subconscious. The Sadi Paul Brancart ® brand in its clothing creations is inspired by these cultural heritages and the riches of the environment, as well as the transposition of this magical surrealism that opens the door to a limitless and suddenly uncontrolled imagination.


As a company, we are defined by the conception of garments of the best quality, the trust that our customers place in us, the commitment to continue offering cutting-edge options to all who identify with us and our proposal. I like to dress the man who explores his natural appeal and highlights it through clothing, be it shirts, t-shirts, pants, who does not seek to imitate others but prefers to genuinely differentiate himself, claiming his own authenticity and individuality.


The first style line, URBAN, shows the concept of contemporary man, tolerant, beauty conscious, sporty, captivated by the dynamics and the offerings of the great metropolises of the world. This style reveals the internal force of large cities, from Bogotá to New York City, and from Miami to Madrid.

The second style line, TRIBAL, shares the part of the cultural heritage that underlies the masculine essence of each man in this country, making him part of an eclectic whole. It is very rich in different prints and in a fanned out of colors that reflects the joys that offer the country.

The third style line, NIGHT, exposes my fascination for the nocturnal atmosphere inspired by minimalist lines, fluid or otherwise loose of the Aladdin type. The black color makes it possible to highlight deconstructed silhouettes, with volumes or, on the contrary, tight. I was a DJ in gothic nightclubs in Santiago de Chile, which caused me this fascination for music in general. This experience transformed me into a fan of both plate music, electro music, contemporary Latin commercial music and reggaeton for example. This section enhances the black color that in the Sadi Paul Brancart ® brand constitutes the youthful and masculine, providing the last with all the versatility, elegance and sobriety of said color. Did you know that Bogotá is one of the world capitals of “rumba” or in other words uncontrolled dancing and probably has even the largest nightclub on the planet? The musical impact on my creations is such that suddenly you could dance to the rhythm of my designs. And finally, the HOT COUTURE line offers a range of swimwear and thong designs, sensual but never vulgar. Often being a jury member of Mister Thong and of numerous other reigns and pageant contests in Colombia has taught me to design the best for men's swimwear.

Our style can be defined as "ALTERNATIVE GLAM STYLE". The Sadi Paul Brancart ® man has the seal of a brand that will allow him to say: “I am myself and no one else, period!”