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I Sadi Paul Brancart, am the founder of the eponymous brand of design and creation of clothing for men. Below I would like to tell you a little more about myself and the Sadi Paul Brancart ® brand.


From the beginning, the caribbean amazed me with the exuberance and diversity of their nature. 

The caribean islands and caribbean mainland coast are of white sand and turquoise sea. Wherever you can go you discover culinary customs, music, different clothing and an extraordinary racial wealth that coexist in harmony and even complement each other wonderfully. Our logo, the hummingbird, symbolizes the vindication of our origins, since it is also the animal symbol of our leafy but fragile nature that struggles to stay intact. The Sadi Paul Brancart ® brand in its clothing creations is inspired by these cultural heritages and the riches of the environment, as well as the transposition of a magical surrealism tipical of my personality that opens the door to a limitless and suddenly uncontrolled imagination.


As a company, we are defined by the conception of garments of the best quality, the trust that our customers place in us, the commitment to continue offering cutting-edge options to all who identify with us and our proposal. I like to dress the man who explores his natural appeal and highlights it through clothing, be it shirts, t-shirts, pants, trousers, swimsuits, who does not seek to imitate others but prefers to genuinely differentiate himself, claiming his own authenticity and individuality.


The first style line, CASUAL URBAN, shows the concept of contemporary man, tolerant, beauty conscious, sporty, captivated by the dynamics and the offerings of the great metropolises of the world. This style reveals the internal force of large cities, from Loa Angeles to New York City, and from Miami to Madrid.

The second style line, WILD TRIBAL, shares the part of the cultural heritage that underlies the masculine essence of each man in this region, making him part of an eclectic whole. It is very rich in different prints and in a fanned out of colors that reflects the joys 

The third style line, GOTH NIGHT, exposes my fascination for the nocturnal atmosphere inspired by minimalist lines, fluid or otherwise loose of the Aladdin type. The black color makes it possible to highlight deconstructed silhouettes, with volumes or, on the contrary, tight. I was a DJ in gothic nightclubs, which caused me this fascination for music in general. This experience transformed me into a fan of both plate music, electro music, contemporary Latin commercial music and reggaeton for example. This section enhances the black color that in the Sadi Paul Brancart ® brand constitutes the youthful and masculine, providing the last with all the versatility, elegance and sobriety of said color. The musical impact on my creations is such that suddenly you could dance to the rhythm of my designs. And finally, the HOT COUTURE line offers a range of swimwear and thong designs, sensual but never vulgar. Often being a jury member of Mister Thong and of numerous other reigns and pageant contests in Colombia has taught me to design the best for men's swimwear.

Our style can be defined as "ALTERNATIVE GLAM STYLE". The Sadi Paul Brancart ® man has the seal of a brand that will allow him to say: “I am myself and no one else, period!”


We will continue to defend our commitment to our environmental, social, diversity and inclusion values, as mentioned in our ETHICAL CONSCIENCE tab. We will continue to draw on our creativity to integrate these core values ​​harmoniously into our unique concepts.

Curiosity is one of our most loyal friends and our closeness with our fans (and beyond) gives the certainty that in each purchase of one of our garments, as at the touch of a magic wand, you will feel like another and like yourself at the same time. In fact, we always want to bring you imagination and dreams. We will be the ones who dress the new men, projecting their manly beauty.


As a mission, in the brand Sadi Paul Brancart, we focus on meeting the needs of fashion, offering high quality clothing. All are fabric designs are in house created. We do not purchase printed fabrics from the textile industry. Hence all of our designs are only for our customers. 

We produce in limited quantities so that its exclusivity is preserved. We want that when wearing one of our garments, our fans always have the security of receiving the unexpected at the level of sensations and emotions.

As for our vision, in the brand Sadi Paul Brancart, we seek to generate a benchmark in the world of fashion, both nationally and internationally, with our unique and avant-garde designs. 


In the course of my life I was lucky enough to live in many countries and in fact I went around the world. I saw the most spectacular cities, the most vibrant metropolises. This tour gave me a cosmopolitan vision of the world that is reflected in my work team made up of experts from very diverse horizons.

I am currently living happily in a place where I reach many people with my passion for aesthetics, design, music and fashion. I did not identify with existing men's clothing brands, so I created my own under the premise of giving men, wherever they are, what they need to make them look extraordinary. So the man I see, just like me, emerges romantic, funny, and mysterious.